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Last updated on September 24, 2018

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Today we are going to impress ourselves in some of the ideas that I have been given to make notes in class fastor but first let first ‘ s talk a little bit about computers ..

You see, part of my brain is fully A-OK, that computers will someday be our all-powerful barons. In the end, they are very effective …

Take my e-mail, for example. I get it.So let ‘ s say that someone has written me a letter and wants me to do something-to cooperate, write them an article, take off the rampage, a lizard with are hands, anything. Since I have already set my priorities and I have a lot on my plate, I often have to include these types of emails, but the “no” is a little cold …

Intead of having a big explanation and an apology, now I can simply type the word “hard”, press the Tab button and all the pre-recorded messages. Then I just pressed the Tab-Enter key to send an e-mail message, and I’m off to the next task …

In the last few months, I have just developed more and more patterns of Gorgias, and, according to the statistics of the application, I have already saved.

Gorgias is not the only application that can do it (it’s just for me, because I’m doing most of my real typing in Chrome).

Well, you don’t have access to text applications on paper … but you do.

These are systems that are heavily cut into symbols or cuts to express an idea. The abortion process is called.

The short date has returned to Ancient Greece in the 4th Century BC, although even before that in Ancient Egypt, two different systems were developed-”

”.Fast forward over the last two centers, and you see two dominant systems:

These systems are used.

These systems were known to write at a speed of over 200 words per minute, which meant that they could drop almost to any oral word verbatim, but to ensure accuracy in areas such as journalism and court reporting ..

Here’s a big problem with systems like Gregg and Pittman, though …

People who want to become professions in these short systems went through

To understand what I mean, let ‘ s look at this brief example of a statement written in Gregg. It took me about 10 minutes to look at the system.

As a student, you almost certainly don’t have time to do something like th-and, frankly, you probably shouldn’t care. Your priority, while in your class, you need to learn more about the concepts in addition to the syntax-and as we have already dissed,

Well, actually, I have two in mind …

Since it has been reducedfor themes of years, there will be no surprise that many people have taken a crack in developing their own systems ..

One promising subset is

Now, some shortsiighted purists will turn their noses into systems like snooons, aristatic gentlemen with curly moustaches and ketchins. They are, of course, not as fast as Gregg or Pittman. But the compromise is that they will take less time to learn …

Examples of alphametic systems are

Another option is to use a system that uses its own character set, but it is easier to find out more than a Gregg or Pittman character. The most amazing example is probably.

In this article, I ran into a more credited system called

I decided to write the same statement before using this system:

and found that I was able to remember the characters after they were written only once or twice! I still have a little bit of time to read what I wine earlier, but the first results indicate that Ford would be pretty girl, easy to know at all …

Since you are probably the only person who will ever need to use the notes you create, why not.

And if you’re going to do it, there is no need to try to create a system that is easy recognized by someone; you can create symbols that matter to you-and that’s why it’s easy to learn ..

because I like to get names out of thin air, I’ll call them.

Here’s an example. Let ‘ s take three words:

Each of these ends with the suffix “tion”, which sounds a little “blue” to me. It is also a suffix that requires six stylus strokes to write …

Let ‘ s create a new symbol for it that reductions the right strokes:

and now you have a 2-stroke symbol, which means the same!

Now that you have an idea, here are some good things to replace mnemonic glyphs:

Most of the development of your own system is that you can do it gracally, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time studing how to read what you wine. The characters will be written, and most of your notes will be written in long-distance you a lot of context to interpret these symbols in case you forge what they mean ..

This decision is highly dependent on you-so if it strikes your diction, start experimenting.

Remember, short is not the only way to saveeze your notes. You can also draw diagrams, connect idas and concepts with arrows, etc. If you want to look at some of the techniques that are good for these els, check out my video.

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