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Last update on June 21, 2016

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The place was a nest in an industrial district, a few blocks from the “cool” part of the city. The windows were raised. In general, he saw the best days …

Two of them-Ryan and Michael-were running in an amazing, but optimistic view; they were legally thinking about buying …

Pretty much fresh from college, two of them have already created a thriving real estate business. They were buying real estate that needed little love, fixed them and sold them with good profit. Although they were young, they had already proven themselves.

The other guy was my friend.But as Ryan and Michael started talking about the possibilities of getting funding for the renovation of the house, maybe even turning it into a lunatic entrepreneu with a spontaneous event-Brandon jumped up and became aroused …

And it’s just like Brandon. Even though I am a businessman, my brain likes to jump on logistical challenges at once when it’s presented with something like an abandoned three-storey building. Brandon’s brain jumps to the right with the possibilities …

In a way, Brandon’s a bit of a dreamer. However, unlike.

Let’ s see what happens to this building, but here’s another example of average time. For the first time, when I met Brandon himself, he told me that he wanted to create.

I knew it would be a challenge-it would have to be funded, speakers, events and tons of logistics planning, so that everything went smoothly. Many questions need to be answered:

  • How do you convince the famous speakers to come to Dice Moines for a non-recording event?
  • Where are you holding the event? Where do you get funding to pay for it in advance?
  • How do you deal with hotels, catering, etc.?
  • Brandon was only a couple of years away from college, and Brandon had no experience in answering these questions. And yet, in April, the Convention of Young Entrepreneurs.

  • More than 500 people took part in the meeting.The speakers included Kevin Harrington (one of the sharks in.
  • In addition, Brandon was able to use the connections he made by creating a YEC to launch other businesses, including the coming TV show …

    This is the reason I wanted to talk to Brandon on the show; among the people I know personally, he’s one of the best people that makes connections and persuaing people to support.

    In this episode, we will deepen the details of how YEC was a successful event, and in what led to success. It may be more interesting that Brandon is also talking about the path that led to JC-how he started doing things in college (and directly from it) to build relationships and lay the foundation that allowed everyone to come together …

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